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An experienced K-1 visa immigration attorney will carefully evaluate your unique situation and facts to identify any “red flag” issues that may be present in your case, and take the appropriate steps to reduce the odds of any given potential problem turning into an actual problem.

While all couples and/or families share some similar characteristics, each couple or family has a unique history and set of facts. I believe I’ve seen just about every unusual client fact pattern that can possibly come up, and that experience has given me a keen eye when it comes to spotting potential problem issues and deciding what steps to take in order to best manage or eliminate the potential problem.

An experienced K-1 visa immigration attorney is going to avoid beginner mistakes that often occur when someone is working on their first immigration cases. There are many mistakes that do-it-yourselfers or immigration attorneys with limited K-1 visa experience make that are subtle and difficult to anticipate. For example, something as simple as putting “N/A” on a form instead of “None” can cause the USCIS to issue a Request For Evidence (RFE) which will delay the processing of a case.

After getting to know the couple’s unique set of facts, my job is to put together a well-documented submission in order to make it as easy as possible for the immigration officer to approve the petition and the Consular officer to approve the visa. To do this, I try to achieve a balance between putting together a “well-documented submission” while at the same time avoid engaging in “overkill”.

While issue spotting and case presentation is vitally important in every immigration case, so too is being able to quickly resolve USCIS and/or Consulate mistakes that can come up as the case progresses through the system. The USCIS and/or Consulate can and do make mistakes far too often even in the most perfectly prepared case, or in cases that do not present any “red flag” issues. Quickly resolving USCIS and/or Consulate mistakes is the most important thing an experienced K-1 visa immigration attorney brings to any immigration case.

An experienced K-1 visa immigration attorney should be able to quickly resolve any USCIS or Consulate mistake by communicating directly with the USCIS or Consulate. .

I do not change a consultation fee for callers who are interested in hiring me to act as their representative with the USCIS and U.S. Consulate throughout the fiancée visa process. Call my office (916) 451-4992 if you would like to discuss your case.

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