K-1 Fiancee Visa, Am I Eligible To File?

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Basic Eligibility Requirements:
To submit an I-129f Petition For Alien Fiancée, the following are the "basic" eligibility requirements: 1) You must be a U.S. citizen 2) You and your fiancée must be free to marry, and have met in person within two years before the filing of your I-129f fiancée visa petition unless; a) the requirement to meet your fiancée in person would violate strict and long established customs of your fiancée's foreign culture or social practice; or b) it is established that the requirement to personally meet your fiancée would result in extreme hardship to the U.S. fiancée; and 3) You and your fiancée intend to marry within 90 days of your fiancée entering the United States.

Please note that while these are the “basic” eligibility requirements, no two cases are exactly the same and there could be unique factors in your particular case that could impact the processing of your individual case.

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