Which Immigration Options?

There are many ways in which a foreigner can come to the USA. Since opening my family based immigration law practice in 1996, I’ve helped hundreds of U.S. citizens and their foreign loved ones achieve their “American Dream” by helping them navigate the minefield of U.S. immigration law.

My law practice is focused solely on family based immigration solutions that allow the immigrant to obtain permanent resident status (obtain a greencard) and remain permanently in the USA.

Fiancée Visa:
If you want your foreign fiancée to travel to the USA so the two of you can get married in the USA, you should consider the K-1 fiancée visa. If your foreign fiancée has children who also want to immigrate to the United States, they may be able to do so by obtaining a K-2 visa. Once your fiancée enters the USA and marries you within 90 days of entry, your (now) spouse will need to apply for permanent resident status (get a greencard) in order to remain lawfully in the United States. I’ve helped hundreds of couples do just that.

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I do not change a consultation fee for callers who are interested in hiring me to act as their representative with the USCIS and U.S. Consulate throughout the fiancée visa process. Call my office (916) 451-4992 if you would like to discuss your case.

Other Options For A Spouse:
If instead you are a U.S. citizen who is already married to a foreign spouse and that foreign spouse is currently living outside of the USA, I can help you and your spouse obtain an immigrant visa which will allow the foreign spouse (and foreign step-children if applicable) to enter and live in the USA as permanent residents. If your foreign spouse is currently in the USA with some sort of temporary non-immigrant status, I may be able to help your spouse obtain permanent resident status.

Call my office (916) 451-4992 if you would like to discuss your case.

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